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Who Are We?

We Make Transit WiFi Fun Again

10 Minute Install, Lightning Fast Speed, White Glove Service

Premium Hardware

Our uniquely designed hardware accommodates up to six bonded modems designed to seamlessly hand-off WiFi service between telecommunication carriers based upon the strength of signal and service.

The platform’s ability to automatically switch between multiple data providers based on carrier strength means that no matter where your vehicles are going, SkyFox® will ensure that your fleet and your passengers are connected to the strongest available signals throughout the entire journey. This unique technology essentially eliminates drop-offs and dead zones, so that your customers can enjoy an uninterrupted internet experience throughout the duration of their trip.

Data Management

SkyFox® provides full-service management of data service and cost for its partners. This is done by leveraging its purchasing power with carriers and proactively managing data usage on vehicles to ensure that our operators recognize real cost savings without compromising user experience.

Our team ensures that you pay the lowest possible cost for your data and that you never have to deal with a carrier again. With SkyFox’s® data management algorithms, we are able to not only manage your data costs a highly discounted flat rate per gigabyte, but significantly reduce the amount of data used by your customers without impeding on their internet experience.

With our system's advanced quality of service (QoS), we identify all bandwidth intensive services and block or throttle them to your desired extent, without impacting the normal web browsing experience. However, SkyFox does not throttle traffic like other WiFi solutions. Instead, it deeply analyzes and identifies aspects of a web page or application to promote web content and not high-volume multimedia segments that are responsible for consumption of large amounts of unnecessary data.

Advanced Quality of Service

SkyFox® does not throttle traffic like other WiFi solutions. Instead, it deeply analyzes and identifies aspects of a web page or application to promote web content and not high-volume multimedia segments that are responsible for consumption of large amounts of unnecessary data.

For example, if a passenger were to visit the New York Times website on your existing network, all of the autoplay ads, live updates and animated graphics that exist would drive up data consumption despite the passenger having no interest in these elements of the page. With SkyFox®, we identify and block these elements including updates and tracking tech, to provide the rider with a faster web experience while consuming far less data—in this example almost 50% less.

Who is SkyFox

Initially conceived in 2012, SkyFox® was designed and created for the specific purpose of servicing the growing WiFi needs of transit operators. We began by assessing the problem: large scale consumer WiFi was considered a cost-prohibitive luxury.

We set out to make WiFi service an affordable amenity that most business owners now see as a necessity. To solve the problem, we pioneered an industry-first, fault-tolerant, multi-modem solution designed specifically for spotty transit conditions and a robust, cloud-connected, managed monitoring service to ensure an absolute minimum of any service downtime. Additionally, we know that dealing with carriers is not the business of our transit partners—that is our business. So we take over that burden and do all the heavy lifting on the system from top to bottom.

Many years later, we still continue pioneering and innovating our solution. We have created the world's first blended carrier solution that, through machine learning, can deliver within nanoseconds the best and most reliable connectivity to our hardware. We have developed new methods of delivering high-speed reliable solutions that are not phased by traditional capacity issues. We also know that technology changes and we are the first and only provider to offer equipment as a service - as long as you are with SkyFox®, your hardware is receiving constant software updates that allow consistent adaptation to the ever-changing technical landscape.

In short, we have thought of everything, so that you don’t have to.

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Our Transit Roots

Diesel fuel is in our veins.

We understand the needs and intricacies of the transit industry. It's one thing to provide wifi connectivity - its another cruising down a highway and winding around the country.

Since 2012, we have built on our extensive transit experience dealing with almost every vehicle type and had our engineers design and build a turn key product that uses an industry standard weather pack connector to attach to your vehicles.

No complicated installs, no provisioning, no troubleshooting. Just a 24v power line - thats it. Typical installs take less then 10 minutes - minimizing vehicle downtime.

Our Product

Highest Quality Signal

Leveraging our BigComm relationships, we utilize a mutli-carrier "banded" system that guarantees the best possible signal at any given location.

Lowest price

We charge a reduced flat rate per gigabyte used, compared to most carriers charging high fees of more than $10 per gigabyte

Hardware Support

We ship our hardware ready for installation. Avoid hidden costs associated with procuring and implementing. We also provide replacement parts and services for when things (rarely) go wrong.